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He told , “Any time you can reduce friction or decrease the barriers to care, I think that’s a good thing.” And that’s Roman’s ultimate goal: to break down the barriers young men face when it comes to getting treatment for erectile dysfunction.

While years of innuendo-laden Cialis and Viagra ads have reduced much of the stigma around the condition for older men, their younger counterparts haven’t necessarily had the same awakening. Eisenberg stressed that treatment is important on a number of levels, “Erectile dysfunction certainly is a quality of life issue, and it can do a lot for relationship satisfaction and overall life satisfaction, but it also can be a biomarker.

So, years later, when he and his partners — CPO Saman Rahmanian and CRO Rob Schutz — found themselves looking for a startup idea in the men’s health space, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.Reitano explained, “It’s something that men care about enough in the present enough to research, enough to Google.That’s a real problem because about 80 percent of the Viagra bought online is actually counterfeit and is often contaminated by things you definitely shouldn’t be swallowing — like paint.So a service like Roman, where patients can be monitored by a physician and receive legal versions of these drugs, could do a lot to boost access to people who have otherwise been totally out of the health care system.Whereas if we just started with something like hypertension or cholesterol, it’s often not something that someone wakes up with and affects their day to day life, even though it’s incredibly important.” While this could look on the surface like simply a place to get a free-flowing supply of recreational Viagra, that’s not the intended reality.

First of all, if you’re not having any issues with maintaining an erection, drugs like Cialis and Viagra aren’t really going to do much to enhance your sexual experience. There’s a sleek new startup targeting men with erectile dysfunction.A first of its kind, Roman is an app that will screen you for ED, let you talk one-on-one with doctors, and even get prescriptions delivered to your door — all without ever leaving your house.Still, it’s certainly not a perfect fit for everyone — and it does come at a cost. (Though if you’re not deemed a good candidate for telemedical treatment, that’s refunded).Roman is not integrated at all with insurance, meaning everything is out of pocket. Prescriptions, depending on the drug and the dosage, will run you anywhere from to a pill.It will be delivered right to your door in discreet packaging — in something that looks more like an i Phone box than something from Walgreens.