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From Camila testing her range by singing ‘Weezy’ to Joe screaming at the top of his lungs, it’s safe to say that these two have some strange vocal warm ups.Joe even got Camila to slap him across the face to warm him up – ouch!

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Camilla is one of those women far classier than I, who has supposedly gotten all the way into her mid-twenties with her virginity intact, so she's the perfect match for Tim, who has very publicly sworn not to have sex until marriage. (I'm also very knowledgeable about faith-based religions.) Aside from her B-list movie projects, you probably also recognize Camilla's name because she was linked to another famous virgin — one Joe Jonas, of the famously virginal .

The two of them began dating in October 2008 and spent nine blissful months knitting and baking and singing campfire songs to each other, or whatever it is that two people do with each other when they're committed to not putting things in each others' holes.

Singing a rendition of her favourite Jo Bros song, ‘Still In Love With You’, Camila is then quizzed by Joe to see how much of a fan she is.

Unsurprisingly, she nails all of the questions but falls short at the final one – did you know that Kevin Jonas’ ultimate man accessory is a bandana?!

Talk then moves on to the pair’s first ever meeting.

Whilst Joe thought they met at an awards show, Camila revealed that Joe might not be aware of the first time they met.

The couple, however, has not shared anything about the beginning of their relationship.

They were spotted together many times and there was hardly any doubt about their relationship status. Source: Zimbio The relationship of the couple was going well, until, only after a year of dating, the couple called it quits.

What do you get when you put two of our favourite singing celebrities in a car together? Camila Cabello and Joe Jonas are the latest stars to team up for the Apple Music series, and we’re just warning you now, it’s one of the best yet.

Before their journey begins, the pair share some of their vocal warm ups with each other.

The first song they delve into is ‘Cake by the Ocean’.