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This sets up Saki's task for Yandere-chan to find her bra somewhere at school. As of the September 15th, 2017 Build, Saki will attack Yandere-chan if she kills Kokona in front of her. Kokona calls him "Senpai", even though they're in the same class. After cleaning time she makes octopus-shaped hot dogs and shares them with the other members.

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She might also be moved to either Class 2-1 or Class 2-2 so that she can still call her crush "Senpai". Ever since my mom died, my dad's been drinking a lot.

Currently, the only event that shows her feelings is her Wednesday speech, where she hides behind the tree and speaks while staring at Senpai. Sometimes, when he's drunk, he comes into my room, and...

It is assumed in a conversation between her and Saki Miyu on the rooftop that she has been abused by her drunk father after her mother's death. When spoken to, Kokona will talk about how her father comes to her to cry about his debt problems.

Her family is very broke due to a loan he took out to pay for Kokona's school tuition, accidentally becoming in debt with a group of loan sharks, called Ronshaku Loans.

As of the January 16th, 2017 Build, Kokona wears a purple friendship bracelet on her right wrist, unless her reputation is very low.

Among the personas currently implemented in the game, she is a Social Butterfly.

She stays in the classroom until , when she walks down to the plaza with her lunch.

Once she arrives at , she places her lunch down on a bench and goes to hide behind a tree to admire Senpai.

According to Saki's Student Profile, Kokona is willing to tell Saki about personal matters, but not too much.

However, if Saki learns about Kokona's compensated dating, she will be distraught and won't do anything to help Kokona out.

She cannot participate in physical fights against murderers unless she witnesses them murder Saki Miyu or Riku Soma, if he is her boyfriend.