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After we have arranged and you have taken your demo lesson we will contact you via email to get your lesson feedback to find out how the lesson went for you?

We of course will get the instructors feedback as well.

Lastly, we will ask you how many lesson points you wish to purchase to get started with the lesson and inform you of any campaigns that we may have at that time.

Once the number of points is decided, we will create an order for you and send you the information for the point purchase and bank transfer.

Our instructors try to keep their (TTT) teacher talk time to about 30% teacher, 70% student.

It will take a few lessons to get there, but we want you to try your best.

Then can change from time to time and we will check with you from time to time to decide the current focus.

Once the goals / focus of the lessons is decide on, we will then discuss with you about the best, day, time and location for your lessons as we as if you are ok with the current instructor or would like to try a different instructor if available.Based on you request we will book the lesson(s) for you and send you an update via email, so you can mark the data on your personal calendar.The lesson booking will always done the same, we ask you or you request to us via email.(oder number, our bank account details and amount due) After you've completed the bank transfer and our finance section has made confirmation of the payment; your account is activated.We will inform you via email that your account is activate and ask you when you would like to book lessons.So, the staff can inform the Jaba instructor that you are there and the Jaba instructor can guide you to your study booth.