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Anyone caught violating acceptable communication requirements are expelled from the chat group.Penpal lists help those with similar interests get in touch with each other.Some Christian penpal sites offer both options of web communication as well as access to postal communication with other Christians.

Penpal databases have been created all over the world to service the exploding interest in specialty chat rooms that are found in every corner of the worldwide web.

Since the mega-leap in communications that was fostered by the computer age, the concept of this type of communication has drastically changed from 'snail mail' to lightening-quick give and take in computer chat least as fast as a person can type!

Chat sites offer wonderful opportunities for Christians to meet, encourage, debate, and pray for other Christians around the world.

Many have met their life's mate through positive, penpal settings.

The Foundation content is in line with the EYFS Framework and the Year 1–6 content supports frequent, discrete and direct teaching of handwriting for 5–11 year olds, as required by National Curriculum 2014.

Penpals supports all UK curricula and Cambridge International Primary English curriculum.

In addition, penpals can learn a lot about different cultures when corresponding with someone from a foreign country.

When locating a new friend to connect with, individuals can email them, or meet them in a chat room.

If a person is interested in general friendship conversations with other Christians, there are many generic Christian penpal sites that lend to community discussion and lively debate.

The possibility of meeting Christians all over the world in a moment's time has created more of a community concept among Christians from here to Australia!

With some lists, over 200 countries are represented.