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Research was carried out and a report was written by senior inspector Tiina Pesonen, who states that it is still difficult to establish the number of Thai women estranged from society.

Learn More A long-term relationship is important to you.Science has a lot to say about that, especially if you want to ensure your unceasing compatibility.Nevertheless, some groups claim that many suffer domestic violence and oppression, even being forced or choose to work in massage parlours.They say that around 10% of women from Thailand living in Finland have no residence permit or permanent address.Authorities in Finland cite strong cultural differences and say more needs to be done to help integrate Thai wives into the Finnish way of life.

Nevertheless, it has been widely reported in Finland that Thai women make wonderful wives and are very attentive to their Finnish husband and family.

Many of these couples have met using online dating sites such as Thai Love Lines.

More Finnish men are visiting Thailand with the deliberate intention of finding a wife or relationship partner, while others meet young Thai women casually while on vacation.

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