Dating o i bottles

The 19th century produced few whiskey bottles compared to the 20th century.

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Even rectifiers such as Brown-Forman and Paul Jones purchased distilleries in the 1890s and started to bottle straight whiskey brands along with their blends.

The twentieth century will see further changes in label and bottles before prohibition shut things down for over a decade.

He introduced the idea of a strip stamp with his signature on it to go across the cork, sealing the bottle.

He then advertised that if this signature was damaged, the consumer should be wary of purchasing the bottle because someone may have tampered with the whiskey, and it may not contain real Pepper whiskey.

The important thing to remember is to be careful when buying these old bottles.

Make sure the seal is intact and know what to expect. If you don’t purchase the bottle from a licensed dealer or auction house, there may be no legal recourse if you purchase a bottle and found out later it was a fake.These first machine blown bottles used two piece molds similar to those used to make decorative flasks.These bottles had a seam that ran up the neck of the bottle.Hand blown bottles will have be less uniform than machine blown bottles, unless they were blown into a mold.The mold seams are clues as to when machine mold bottles were made.With the rise in price comes a rise in counterfeit bottles placed on the market by unscrupulous people.