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That would be boring and it would take me too long to write anyway.It is mostly a random collection of my memories and thoughts.

Candace apparently only tried swallowing once and that was eight years ago with her first boyfriend. But the reality of abstinence is completely different from the fantasy.

My fingers smack rhythmically against her forehead. At my age you have to prepare right and ITheirs was clearly a mutual decision but the initial spark was his. Like a chocoholic on a strict diet, you have to be prepared to suffer tremendous pangs. Jed then sent off for two tailored chastity tubes from a company called Steelworks Extreme, delivered to me here in UK.

She said that sex and bondage were all very well, but the true test of a lifestyle slave is 24/7 toil. There is a steel base ring with an extended hinge and a steel tube. However, aside from cold showers, his 6 inches will now be permanently confined inside a tube roughly half that length.

No Master or Mistress is interested in permanent sex. The full extent of the tube from his abdomen measures 3 inches.

His impotent, smarting cock rages hopelessly against the unyielding steel.

Flesh and blood fight a losing battle against the tight 3 x 1 prison.She turns round, raises her arms, and pulls the dress over her head. At my age, you forget what young skin is really like close up. Like too many girls, she regards oral primarily as foreplay, a reciprocal activity. As I get pleasure from control, he gets well, the erotic thrill of denial.In a written questionnaire I gave him, Jed admitted he was grateful for a bit of sucking before fucking, or even a 69. Its always struck me as ironic how many guys seem to be out there jerking off visiting chastity websites.She shifts angle so her clit bangs against my pubic bone.Her heels pull me in tight.s already lost 3 lbs in 6 days.What follows will hopefully make the reason obvious ve taken a bit of license recreating some dialogue.