Friends double dating

After spending most of my twenties as single as can be, I was thrilled when, at twenty-eight, I met and started dating my girlfriend — because I loved being with her, yes, but also because I could finally participate in a form of socializing I’d been wanting to do since I was a teenager: double dating.

Beyond having more people to be around, a lot of it is actually about the math.

With four people, you get seated at the best restaurant tables.

The supervisor asked my friend if she and her significant other would go on a double date with the boss and her mate.

My friend was so taken aback by her manager's request that she blurted out, "Yeah, OK," and quickly changed the subject. In our increasingly casual workplaces, how close is too close when it comes to relationships with our bosses?

So what’s a couple in search of a great double date to do? Honestly, it’s best just to try for drinks or dinner, despite the cooking and cleaning you’ll inevitably have to do.

Get prepared to do some asking out, and know that rejection still stings, even though it’s platonic. Making friends is hard, and it never really gets easier, whether you’re single or in a relationship. This is an assumption I now know to be informed largely by television, where adult friend groups of four to six people spend every waking second of their lives inside each other’s apartments.While many of my friends in relationships do have couple friends whom they invite over for dinner and occasionally “catch a play” with, I have yet to meet any pair of couples that double date with the regularity and shared interest I once imagined.Part of the problem is purely logistical — finding a single night that’s free for four people is approximately two times as hard as finding one that’s free for two.Then there’s the planning: go out or stay in, who should host, who should cook, who should bring wine, and what kind.Joey and Phoebe are planning to have a dinner in a restaurant and they arrange to get dates for each other.