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It is possible that Pseudocarpidium, Petitia, and Teijsmanniodendron are nested within Vitex.

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Polynesian rats are nocturnal like most rodents, and are adept climbers, often nesting in trees.

In winter, when food is scarce, they commonly strip bark for consumption and satisfy themselves with plant stems.

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In New Zealand and its offshore islands, many bird species evolved in the absence of terrestrial mammalian predators, so developed no behavioral defenses to rats.

The introduction by the Maori of the Polynesian rat into New Zealand resulted in the eradication of several species of terrestrial and small seabirds.

Vitex is one of several genera that was transferred from Verbenaceae to Lamiaceae in the 1990s as a result of phylogenetic studies of DNA sequences.

It is the largest genus in the subfamily Viticoideae of Lamiaceae.

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The Polynesian rat, or Pacific rat (Rattus exulans), known to the Māori as kiore, is the third most widespread species of rat in the world behind the brown rat and black rat.

agnus-castus but often applied to other species as well.