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Parents may struggle with how much independence they should allow their children at different ages and in different circumstances. Each young person is an individual and needs different advice.Communication with teenagers is different from communicating with younger children and can cause conflict and stress.Examples of negative communication include nagging, harsh criticism or ‘stand over’ tactics such as yelling to force compliance.It’s not always easy to recognise negative communication.However, ongoing conflict can undermine the relationship between a parent and a young person.

Negative communication is a common cause of chronic conflict. If you've done a good enough job you get rehired as a trusted friend and advisor.If you continue to do a good job, your teen may well even take your advice.It can be a scary time for parents, especially those who don't yet trust their teen's judgment.The most effective parenting strategy with teens is to focus on the relationship.Readers should note that, over time, currency and completeness of the information may change.