Porsha dating again

“In case you didn’t know @flyjocktomjoyner and I are newly weds & we broke the news on his show this morning. ” Joyner captioned a photo of the her wearing a veil.Bravo better be giving this dude health benefits because he’s putting in full-time work to be a major character this season. That’s only going to make things worse, but Porsha does it anyway.

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We’re not exactly in a relationship right now, but it’s growing into something.” The blooming star has also shared on RHOA that the new season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” will be dwelling more on her love life.

The facts regarding her first love might be spilled in the upcoming season.

Peter and Cynthia warn their buds about the restaurant business, which I co-sign. Porsha reveals that Shamea told her what she said, so she wants to settle the beef privately.

I’ve seen It’s the night of Cynthia’s customer-appreciation event. Kim then tells Kandi that she’s been using Kandi’s sex-toy products. And then Kandi immediately starts talking about the Phaedra/Porsha stuff. They walk off, and Don Juan says, “I don’t think they should be having this conversation without me there,” and then he joins them. She does not need a posse with her at all times just to have a conversation.

This time instead of nabbing a ball player like Kordell Stewart, the housewife and aspiring singer has set her sights on radio jock Tom Joyner who announced today April 1, 2014, that they are indeed husband and wife. They have since shared more pictures and videos of their happy new union.

He’s so supportive he even played my song for everyone today,” Williams captioned a similar photo.

The two of them argue before Porsha storms off again. Ronald explains how he tried so hard to have all his kids together, and after she ran away, it made him feel like he wasn’t good enough.

Kenya apologizes, then tells him she wants to have a family reunion.

Kim shows up, and I swear that her fashion is getting better and better. JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL AND CRASH THIS CAR INTO A TREE, PLEASE. She isn’t the leader of anything — she’s on a Bravo reality-TV show.

Cyn asks Kenya and Kim to co-produce and direct her sunglasses commercial. How in Kris Kringle heck does Don Juan think that dipping his big toe into the conversation will resolve anything? Porsha accepts that, then says that she’d like to talk to Kandi privately. So Porsha storms off and Shamea is like, “Talk to me.” Riiiiiiight.

Porsha Williams is a vivacious beauty with big dreams and the ambition to make them a reality.