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59.5 percent of employees in the region are engaged in commerce, transport and diverse services, 26.9 percent in public administration, health and social services, 8.2 percent industry, and 5.2 percent in construction.The top ten French companies listed in the Fortune Global 5 all have their headquarters in the Paris Region, nine within the City of Paris and one, Total S.The district also includes a large concentration of department stores, shopping areas, hotels and restaurants, as well a government offices and ministries.

(See List of cities by GDP for more figures.) In 2015, the Paris Region hosted the world headquarters of 29 of the 31 French companies listed in the Fortune Global 500, the 500 largest corporations in the world by revenue.The top twelve French companies listed in the Fortune Global 5 all have their headquarters in the Paris Region, either in the city or the suburbs.Note: The Franco-German aerospace company EADS has its dual world headquarters in Paris and Munich but it is not listed here because Fortune magazine considered it was located in the Netherlands, which is the place where EADS was legally incorporated for tax reasons.The economy of both Paris and the Paris Region is primarily a service economy.The largest banks, in order of 2014 revenue, are BNP Paribas; Société Générale; Credit Agricole, and Groupe BPCE.

The largest insurance companies are AXA (the second largest French company, by revenue, in 2014) and CNP Assurances.

French banks have traditionally had their main offices in the center of Paris, not far from the Opera and the Banque de France, the French central bank.

The headquarters of BNP Paribas is in the 9th arrondissement on rue Bergére.

The Paris Region had 5.4 million salaried employees in 2010, of whom 2.2 million were concentrated in 39 pôles d'emplois or business districts.

The largest of these, in terms of number of employees, is known in French as the QCA, or quartier central des affaires; it is in the western part of the City of Paris, in the 2nd, 8th, 9th, 16th and 18th arrondissements.

Société Générale has its registered main office on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement, but has its operational headquarters in Nanterre, in La Defense.