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By next year, Lee says there will be more devices — and not just Lenovo’s — containing the necessary hardware to 3D map our surroundings. At 0, it’s cheaper than an i Phone or Google’s Pixel.

Yet with a 6.4-inch display, the Phab 2 Pro can hardly be held with one hand. No amount of nifty AR tech will sell people a phone that’s cumbersome to use for even the most basic of tasks. Google and Lenovo both understand that the Phab 2 Pro will act as more of a proof of concept than a device designed to sell millions of units. Its large display and powerful camera allows you to view huge swaths of a room with virtual objects overlaid over the scenery.

I tried a number of apps, all of which go live today on the Google Play Store, that were designed specifically for Lenovo’s Tango-equipped phone.

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We got a look at the phone when it was announced earlier this summer.

That pre-production unit boasted some promising new features, but this release will surely provide a key test of the platform’s future.

big Phab2 Pro was originally scheduled for retail release this summer, a date that eventually got pushed back to a fairly vague fall timeframe, casting some doubt on whether the first handset to leverage Google’s Tango system would ever see the light of day.

Now, a day after the announcement of several key pieces of Google hardware, the mythical phablet has gotten a slightly more definite timeframe.

Another game, from developer Sockethead Games, plants a floating landmass in the middle of a room.

You’re tasked with toppling structures on the island’s surface using a gyroscope-powered slingshot mechanic, much like , a business simulation game that places an small city on the table in front of you and lets you employ workers, build additions to apartment complexes, and grow the local economy.Imagine being able to know exactly how an art print or new couch looks in your apartment, and not just by the measurement numbers, but with a virtual representation of the finished scene.Until there's more devices out there with Tango tech — and thats not happening until next year, at least — this all feels very much like an experimental test phase for AR. That's both because Pokémon Go proved there's an appetite for these type of mobile experiences, and Google is convinced it's only a matter of time before every phone makes the jump to 3D mapping.The announcement of the Phab 2 Pro’s release date comes in a slightly strange manner — in the form of a small notification on Lenovo’s Tango-less Phab 2 page — so there’s still not a lot of information of where you’ll be able to buy the Phab 2 Pro.Given the imminent release date, it’s likely we’ll have more information between now and Tuesday.There are a few apps, including one from Autodesk and another from Lowe’s, that let you place virtual furniture and appliances in your home to help visualize a purchase without having to pull out a tape measure.