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You can use dynamic data realms to protect rows for both tables and views.

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Data security refers to the ability to control application user access to data in an Oracle database throughout all components of an Oracle Enterprise, using a uniform methodology.

To set a data realm constraint to be dynamic, set its or similar message, then you can use trace files to find the cause of the error.

The trace file shows the actual error, along with the VPD view showing the reason for the problem.

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To set an data realm to be static, set its Materialized Views (MVs) will be used to maintain the binding between rows in the protected table and the ACLs that protect them.

They will be generated automatically whenever static data realms are included in the data security policy.

EMPOLYEES_SC'); END; -- Create variables to store the data realm constraints and the column constraint.

DECLARE realm_cons XS$REALM_CONSTRAINT_LIST; BEGIN -- Create a data realm constraint comprising of a data realm (rule) and -- an associated ACL.

realm_cons := XS$REALM_CONSTRAINT_LIST( XS$REALM_CONSTRAINT_TYPE(realm= -- Enforce the data security policy to protect READ access of the EMPLOYEES table -- and restrict access to the SALARY column using the VIEW_SENSITIVE_INFO -- privilege.