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Nick Wallace received ,380 in campaign contributions.

All but nine of those contributing were our neighbors here in Grant County. David Estudillo on the other hand received ,784.

A need is a desire for something essential essential to our existence or well-being.

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We are fortunate to live in a region with so many opportunities to engage in fitness activities — hiking, rock climbing, skiing, biking, among others.

Yet, there are those of us who, because of age or disability, are unable to take advantage of those outdoor activities. Many of us avail ourselves of the opportunities offered by the East Wenatchee swimming pool.

During that time, Brad showed his leadership skill, became the board chairman, and collaboratively worked for positive change.

Brad worked well with others, and never sought to put the spotlight on himself.

Brad is the same person in Olympia as he is at home — organized, effective, and focused on matters important to his community.

We first got to know Brad while he was a board member for the Eastmont School District.We appreciate Brad’s selfless and servant-style of leadership, because it works!Please join Lisa and me by voting for Brad Hawkins for state Senate.During those years, the district was struggling due to poor relations between the superintendent’s office and staff.The community was divided and struggling to pass bond and levy campaigns.We support and urge our neighbors to support the upcoming bond issue to upgrade the aging — nearly decrepit — facility that hasn’t been upgraded for 35 years.